HODO group

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HOdo Group was founded in 1957, which has nearly 30,000 employees, and is one of the top 100 private enterprises in China. So far its products have involved from the original knitted underwear to such four domains as garment, rubber tire, bio-pharmaceuticals and Commercial Real Estate &. Park Development. HOdo Group has more than ten subsidiaries, which includes two Main board listed companies, namely Hongdou Shares (stock code 600400)and GM Shares (stock code 601500), and three overseas offices in New York, Singapore, Spain, etc. HOdo group has set up an 11.13 square kilometers Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in Cambodia, which was China’s first batch of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and has become a model of the Belt and Road Initiative and it was praised by the leaders of China and Cambodia. President Xi Jinping praised it:”Prosperous Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone is a model for pragmatic cooperation between China and Cambodia.”



2019 Fashion Week Milano – Sfilata HOdo Wear | HOdo Group – Palazzo Serbelloni